Services for Children

We believe every child is unique.

Working with children isn’t just our expertise
– it’s our passion.

At BeChange we’re experts in child psychology. And that means even though we’re serious practitioners, we’ll never lose our sense of fun. We are working with children after all, and the evidence confirms what we also know intuitively: children respond best to positive encouragement.

Let’s chat about how we can help your child reach their full potential.

Every child and family is unique, so we tailor our Services for Children to suit your specific needs.

Here’s an overview of some of the ways we can help:

Specific Behaviour Services

Suitable for children aged 12mths – 21 years who may or may not have a diagnosis, but parents are concerned with a specific behaviour.

ACT services for children, adolescents, and teens

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is suitable for young people aged 6 – 21 years. They may or may not have a diagnosis, but may be exhibiting behaviours such as anxiety, social phobia, depression, refusal or avoidance of important activities or aggression and self-injurious behaviour.

Education Support & Consultation Services

When a child is engaging in disruptive or challenging behaviours at school or an early childhood centre, we will collaborate with education providers to develop an individualised behaviour plan.

Early Learner Services

Our 1:1 therapy sessions for children aged 12mths – 6 years are play based and fun. We teach important skills like language, play, social, adaptive, gross motor and fine motor skills, using your child’s own motivation. Parents also find the sessions valuable as they learn to model the therapist’s techniques at home.

Primary Learner

These 1:1 therapy sessions are designed for children aged 6 years – 13 years. We focus on the skills your child needs help with, including language, play/leisure, social, gross motor, fine motor and adaptive skills.

Learners for Life

Young people aged 13-21 years benefit from our 1:1 therapy services that focus on relevant skills such as language, leisure, social, functional living, adaptive skills and vocational skills.

Individualised Programme Development & Supervision Services for Children 12mths – 21 years

As experts in the assessment and development of 1:1 support programmes for your child, we can also support your own carers and independent behaviour therapists with additional training and supervision.

Services for Children FAQs

Where are the sessions held?

Most of our services happen at your place! We also might support your child's learning in their educational setting or out and about in the community. Identifying the best place to support your child's learning is all part of the initial consultation process. 

Who should attend the session?

The child and at least one parent or caregiver. If it is possible for both parents/caregivers to attend, that is ideal. Siblings or other family members can attend and be involved where appropriate too. 

My child has a couple of different challenges, so I’m not sure which programme would suit us best.

Our list of services is really just a general guide. Every child is unique, so we will gladly design a programme that addresses your unique challenges and goals.