Online Services

We believe in helping everybody everywhere…

We believe that all children in families should be able to access quality professional services no matter where they live. Our online services allow us to service child and families New Zealand wide.


Our Telehealth services are suitable for children aged 12 mths-21 years who may or may not have a diagnosis, but parents are concerned with a specific behaviour. 

  • Adolescent & Teen Mental Health (e.g., anxiety, depression, phobia, OCD)
  • Social Skills
  • Food refusal & selectivity 
  • Sleep issues 
  • Toilet training & incontinence 
  • School refusal 
  • Aggression 
  • Non-compliance / oppositional behaviour
  • Pica 
  • Body-focused repetitive behaviours



Book a consultation

The first step is to book a 60 minute meeting with us. Here we will establish your goals and what service is right for you.

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