We provide tailored professional development workshops for Early Childhood Educators and Primary School Teachers in the areas of:

  • Challenging and difficult behaviour
  • Classroom management

  • ASD and developmental disabilities

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Consultation Services

BeChange is available to provide consultation to schools and early childhood centres. We take a collaborative approach in working with educators. We provide information and training to improve student progress and success. Our services include consultation for individual students as well as full classroom or school wide management programs to address the reduction of problem behaviour and increase appropriate behaviours. We provide;

  • Functional assessment of challenging behaviour

  • Development of an Individual/ Classroom Behaviour Plan

  • Development of school wide positive behaviour support 

  • Hands-on training to implement recommendations

  • Curriculum adaptation and IEP development

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"Education is what survives when

what has been learned has been

forgotten" - B.F. Skinner