Individualised Parent Training and Support Services

BOOST is our parent training and support services that aim to build important skills together. We help parents address difficult behaviours and teach their children essential skills. 

Our BOOST programs can address the following behaviours and skills: 

  • Sleep concerns

  • Elopement/ Absconding 

  • Food selectivity/fussy eaters

  • Toileting 

  • Tantrums

  • Aggression

  • Property destruction

  • Self-injurious behaviour

  • Language/communication 

  • Social skills

  • Play Skills 

Each child and family are unique so please contact us, and together we will develop a plan tailored to your needs. 

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Individualised Intervention Services 

We provide individualised 1:1 intervention services. In collaboration with the family we determine goals and develop an individual intervention plan. This may be a comprehensive program addressing all areas of development, or it may focus on specific skill or behaviour that is a priority for your family. 

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Early Learners

Primary Learners


Learners for Life 

Parent Development Workshops

BeChange provides tailored workshops for parent groups such as support groups or coffee groups. We can provide workshops on the following topics:

  • Sleep problems
  • Child development 
  • Food selectivity (fussy easters)
  • Challenging behaviour (e.g. tantrums, aggression)
  • Positive parenting practices
  • Play 
  • Language development
  • ASD and developmental disabilities

To register your interest in having us provide a workshop for your group please contact us now. 

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