About Us...

BeChange was established in 2011 by Jenna Cunneen and Erika Ford. After many years of experience working with a range of different children, young adults, families and educators we identified a need in New Zealand for a service that is empirically driven and family focused. Children are the future.

We are committed to providing quality behavioural services to help New Zealand Children thrive. The responsibility of our Children's development and wellbeing lies in the hands of parents/family and educators. Our vision is to support parents/families and educators in helping our children reach their full potential.

Your beliefs don't make you a better person your behaviour does.

Erika Ford

 Clinical Supervisor & Director 

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Reg. Psychologist, 

PGdip Applied Psychology, B.A. Psychology, MA Psychology. 

Erika is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a New Zealand Registered Psychologist. She has sixteen years of experience working with children with ASD. She initially trained as a behavioural therapist with the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (C.A.R.D) in L.A under the supervision of Dr. Granpeesheh. Following this she established the New Zealand branch of C.A.R.D in Auckland where she was the managing supervisor for 8 years. More recently she has returned from Abu Dhabi UAE, having successfully set up and managed an ABA based centre for children with ASD. Her desire was to return to New Zealand with the goal of providing high quality behavioural services to families and professionals.

Erika has extensive experience in program development and the implementation of ABA with children. She has years of hands-on experience that enables her to deliver evidenced based yet practical recommendations. She has a strong background in providing behavioural services that include discrete trial training, natural environment training, verbal behaviour training and functional assessment of challenging behaviour.

As clinical supervisor at BeChange Erika provides assessment, program development and training tailored to your needs.

Jenna Cunneen

Director & Assistant Supervisor

M.A. Appiled Psychology (ABA), B.A. Psychology

Jenna has worked with a range of children for the past thirteen years, implementing intensive behavioural interventions. She has supported children in their home environment, school and community settings. Her roles have included the teaching of new skills, development of leisure skills, parent and therapist training and the managment of challenging behaviour. She has worked as an independent therapist for families in New Zealand and as a Case Manager for a centre based program in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Jenna completed her Masters specialising in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) through Waikato University, and is now completing her internship. She is passionate about ABA and is dedicated to providing quality services to enrich the lives of children in New Zealand. At BeChange Jenna supports children, their families and educators throughout the behaviour change process, this may be through 1:1 therapy, parent support, training or workshop facilitation.

Lily Stadlober

Program Supervisor 

BSc. Psychology, PGDip Applied Behaviour Analysis, MA Psychology, Reg. Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Lily is a New Zealand registered psychologist and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst at BeChange. She has experience working with children with a range of developmental and intellectual disabilties at home, preschool and school environments. 

At BeChange Lily works directly with children and provides supervison of therapists and designs behavioural interventions that faciliate skill acquisition, develop independence and improve behavioural difficulties.

She also works along side families and schools providing training and support to maximise a childs success. 

Aimee Houston

Program Supervisor 

 Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, (BCBA) MA Psychology, PGDip Applied Psychology, NZ Registered Psychologist

Aimee's enthusiasm and passion is infectious. Her passion for behavioural analysis grew during her undergraduate studies which lead her to continue her studies in the field. She has grown with BeChange through her studies and is now one of our awesome Program Supervisors in Auckland. 

Aimee has several years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities and a range of challenging behaviours and is always excited to influence positive changes with the children and families at BeChange.

Steph McNamee

Behavior Tech

MA Educational Psychology, PG Dip Education & Professional Development, Registered Behaviour Technician 

Steph completed her Masters in Ed Psych at the Victoria University in Wellington. She is currently under taking additional post graduate study in order to complete the requirements to become a BCBA. 

Steph has a wealth of experience and knowledge in research and applying the technology of ABA with young people with special needs in their homes, communities and educational settings. She is passionate and dedicated to helping all children to reach their potential. 

Zsofia Doublinszki-Ablonczy 

Pogram Supervsior 

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), NZ Registered Psychologist, MA Psychology (ABA), GDip Arts (Psychology), B.Ed. Conductive Education, GDip Primary Teaching

Zsofia is our amazing Program Supervisor with BeChange Tauranga.  Zsofia has seven years of experience working as a Conductor Teacher, here in New Zealand and back home in Hungary. In this role she lead small groups and 1:1 conductive classes for children with Cerebral Palsy and learning and behavioural disorder. Conductive programs encourage children to improve their physical, social and academic skills in a fun environment. 

Zsofia has been working in the field of Behaviour Analysis now for over four years. She is dedicated and diligent with a genuine passion for our clients learning and welfare.


Chloe Jones 

Behaviour Tech

B.Sc. Psychology, PGDip. Science, MA Applied Behaviour Analysis, Registered Behavior Technician 

Chloe has a diverse set of experience working with children, from maths tutor to ski instructor, she builds rapport quickly with her clients. Chloe is passionate about the field of ABA, and is continuing her studies in the field and hopes to complete an internship with us in the future. 

Connolly Bourn

Assistant Program Supervisor 

NZ Registered Psychologist, MA Psychology (ABA), PGDip Applied Psychology (ABA), BA Psychology 

Connolly is a NZ Registered Psychologist with BeChange and is pursuing is eligible to sit the Behaviour Analysis exam in August 2017. Connolly has a passion for working with children with developmental delays and intellectual diabilities. She has been a dedicated member of BeChange and the field of Behaviour Analysis for over three years now, and continues to strive to better the lives of the children she works with.  

Nicole Kruger

Behaviour Therapist 

B.A. Psychology, Registered Behaviour Technican

Nicole is a very passionate about the field of ABA and is currently studying towards her post graduate diploma in applied psychology at the University of Waikato She intends to go on to attain her masters in ABA and certification in Behaviour Analysis. She has three years experience working with children in both home and early childhood settings. 

Through her role at BeChange she aims to improve the lives of our clients with developmental disabilities. She wants to be a part of showing New Zealanders how ABA can positively change peoples' lives. 

Kayla Rack

Assistant Supervisor

NZ Registered Psychologist, BA Psychology, PGdip Applied Psychology (ABA), MA Psychology (ABA)

Kayla is our dedicated Assistant Supervisor in Wellington. Kayla has several years of experience working with children with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities, and has been working with BeChange for a few years now in Auckland before moving to Wellington to help expand our services in the region. 

Kayla brings a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication to the children and families at BeChange, and she enjoys watching the kids make significant gains in their lives. 

Kristina Spasovski

Psych Intern and Behaviour Tech 

M.A. Pyschology (ABA), BSc. Psychology, PGdip Applied Psychology (ABA)

Kristina has worked with children with ASD and ID in Australia, both 1:1 and in a preschool setting. After 2 years she came back to NZ to start her post graduate diploma in ABA at the University of Auckland, and is currently an intern psychologist with us at BeChange. She has experience with teaching social, functional, language/communicative and school readiness skills using ABA principles, as well as experience in reducing problem behaviours. 

Kristina strives towards helping children and adults develop the ability to learn from the natural environment and takes great pleasure in those moments when they show a sense of accomplishment after learning a difficult skill, however small or big it may be.

Sam Denton

Psych Intern & Behaviour Therapist 

BSc Psychology & Statistics, PGDip Science (ABA), Registered Behaviour Technician


Sam has previously worked as a support worker and joined our team in 2015. She is completeing her psych and behaviour anaysis internship at The University of Auckland, and she hopes to be eligable to sit the BCBA exam in 2018 and become a registered psychologist.  

Sam is passionate about helping children and their families through ABA. She finds it highly rewarding to be part of a child’s progress, and this drives her to continue developing her skills in this field.

Maria Viscardi

Dip. Decorative Arts, Cert. Education Support, B. Ed (currently completing)

Maria has a background in early childhood education and worked at the Lizard Early Intervention Children Centre in Sydney before joining us in 2015. She is currently also working in a special school in Auckland. 

Maria is a very passionate therapist who enjoys watching the children at BeChange succeed. She hopes to continue her education in the field of ABA as she has seen the positive outcomes for children and their families first hand. 

Rebecca Reeve

BSc Psychology & Animal Behaviour, PGDip Psychology (current)

Rebecca is currently studying at Post Graduate level at The University of Auckland, she hopes to go on to complete her Masters in ABA in 2017. She has experience working with children, most recently working as an English Instructor in Japan with a variety of ages. 

Rebecca loves her role as a therapist, enjoying the success of the children she works with is what she loves most about working in the field. 

Jacqui Munro 

Behaviour Therapist 

BA/BSc Psycology & Biology, PGDip Psychology 

Jacqui is currently studying towards her Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis at The Univeristy of Auckland. She has a passion for field of ABA as it is based on experimental evidence and it is a proven and effective approach to helping many popultations. 

Jacqui has a passion for music, and has tutored guitar, which she continues to do on the side. She brings this experience and expertise to working with the kids at BeChange. 

Courtney Windju 

Behaviour Therapist 

B.A. Neuroscience 

Courtney has recently graduated from the University of San Diego. After she spent a semster in the South Island she was eager to return to New Zealand. Courtney is passionate about affecting social change and increasing the quality of life for the individuals she works with.