BeChange provides evidenced based behavioural services for individuals, families and professionals. We offer services for children aged 12 months to 20 years. BeChange specialises in a range of services that aim to maximise the potential of all children regardless of their difficulties. Our services will benefit children with challenging behaviour, learning difficulties, intellectual disabitilties and/or those who have received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or another related disorder.

- Individualised Parent/Family Support and training 

- Individualised Intervention Services 

- Early Intervention Services

- Professional Development Workshops

- Parent Development Workshops



ABA is an abbreviation for Applied Behaviour Analysis. ABA is the application of scientifically validated principles of learning and behaviour, to bring about socially significant change. ABA includes a variety of techniques and procedures that have derived from over 40 years of published research. The research demonsrates that these procedures are effective in promoting a wide range of socially significant behaviours such language, social skills, play, leisure, academic and functional life skills and in reducing challenging behaviours such as aggression, tantrums, self-injurious behaviour, non-compliance and stereotypy. At BeChange we deliver high quality behavioural interventions that are individually tailored, incorporating current best practice and provide measurable outcomes for our children.





Here at BeChange we believe every child is unique and deserves the best opportunity in life. Disability and learning difficulties are not limits. Every child can learn and it is up to us to provide the child the means to reach their potential. Parents, family and education providers are the key to helping children grow into competent adults. How we interact with our children strongly influences both the childs development and their ability to learn. Our goal is to help you gain the knowledge and understanding to support your child in leading a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

BeChange can help you and your child. Contact us for an initial consultation at your home or school. Together we will determine the type of services that best suit the needs of your child.



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